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I bring a wealth of wisdom to this show with all the various life trials, I’ve experienced over the years.

Let’s keep it real….sometimes life isn’t fair. I want to share some of that wisdom with you and help you to stay positive and learn life lessons the first time around.


I am a native of California who grew up in a dysfunctional environment of East Oakland. As a kid, I always knew there was something not right, going from one bad situation to the next. The negative side of living in East Oakland, unhealthy associations and not having positive role models was a challenge. So I had to figure it most of the time on my own. I've learned to separate myself from the toxicity in all forms.


Fitness and music became my outlet. The two things that I hang on to today. I find them both to be therapeutic. 

Through it all, I was able to prevail because I knew I better days were ahead, each failure directed me toward the goals I was pursuing in life. Now the pieces of the puzzle are in place and the vision is now going forward. The three words I live by...are


#Live #Learn #Grow

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